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Second Place
Tamas Dezso Freelance
"Young Upstarts"

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Shopping in an upmarket store in Vienna. Since many upstarts sneer at the products and the range available in Hungary, they frequently go on buying sprees abroad. 16/07/2004

The couple of years after some four decades of communism brought many changes in Hungarian society. It was the period when a class of nouveau riche young people began to emerge who obtained their wealth in dubious ways. They characteristically organize in strongly-knit communities with extended networks of friends, where esteem and admission in the group depends on how much money you have. To be able to get along, they take good care that the people of the law turn a blind eye to their dealings, or win them over to their side. However, a rapidly acquired high social status rarely goes hand in hand with refined culture; they either interpret social norms according to their own taste or ignore them altogether. The abrupt change in their lifestyle often triggers identity problems that are difficult to hide. Theirs is a lifestyle characterized by luxury, exhibitionism, aggression and strong group loyalty.



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