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Category: Recreational Sports

First Place
Johannes Eisele/AFP
"Naadam Jockey"

Second Place
Loren Elliott/Tampa Bay Times
"Waiting Hunter"

Third Place
Luke MacGregor/Reuters
"Taking the plunge"

Award of Excellence
Sascha Fromm/Thüringer Allgemeine
"Runners Wave"

Award of Excellence
Corey Perrine/Naples Daily News

Award of Excellence
Dean Treml/Freelance

Award of Excellence
Dean Treml/Freelance
"Tunnel Vision"


Award of Excellence

"runners wave"

Runners wave and dance before they start to the "GutsMuths Rennsteiglauf" cross country run, Europe's most popular cross-country race, in Neuhaus am Rennweg, Germany on May 9, 2015. The GutsMuths run gathered more than 15,000 runners from 24 countries this year.



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