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First Place
Andrew Quilty/Oculi
"Acute Malnutrition Crisis: Afghanistan

Second Place
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
"China's Coal Dependence"

Third Place
Bryan Denton/Freelance for The New York Times

Award of Excellence
Philippe Lopez/AFP
"Nepal Quake"

Award of Excellence
Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters
"The Brick Kiln Boy"

Award of Excellence
"Ganges: living in toxic waters"


Third Place


Sayed Mohammad Sultani, left, examined pelts brought in by middle men who procure them with flocks, from shepherds around northern Afghanistan, which he sorts into piles based on quality. He is the largest exporter of Karakul pelts in Afghanistan—sending all of them to Finland twice a year, where they will be sold at auction at Saga Furs. Afghanistan has long been known for the quality of it's Karakul sheep skins—their fine wavy patterns in tones of bluish gray and black, are cut from the lambs just days after they are born. What many people don't know is how Karakul has forged an increasingly close economic relationship between Afghanistan and Finland, which imported over half a million Karakul pelts last year, making them Afghanistan's largest Export destination in the West, if you exclude opium and rugs. April 21, 2015, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.



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