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First Place
Jacob Ehrbahn


Second Place
Cristina Aldehuela

"In honor of you"

Third Place
Yasuyoshi Chiba
Agence France Presse

"The football kingdom without tickets"

Award of Excellence
Bettina Hansen
The Seattle Times

"White Center PAL Boxing Gym"

Award of Excellence
Alexey Filippov
MIA Rossiya Segodnya

"Will to win"

Award of Excellence
Bettina Hansen
The Seattle Times

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"White Center PAL Boxing Gym"

Kids warm up at the White Center PAL Boxing Gym at King County's Steve Cox Memorial Park Thursday May 8, 2014. They contract with the King County Parks Department for the space, which is in two old handball courts. Punching bags used to be hung on old basketball hoops, but coach Tony Rago has been working to improve the space for the last several years, and has filled it with mostly donated equipment and pictures of young boxers.



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