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First Place
Akos Stiller


Second Place
Spenser Heaps
Daily Herald

"Losing Victoria"

Third Place
Mads Nissen
Panos Pictures

"Arctic Outposts"

Award of Excellence
Thomas Lekfeldt

"Beating Cancer"

Second Place
Spenser Heaps
Daily Herald

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"Losing Victoria"

Emily, Malachi and Emma stand beside Victoria's casket before the lid is closed following a funeral at Mountain View High School in Orem on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014. At Victoria's funeral, Aaron spoke about his daughter's prolific journal-writing, which she had given her family permission to read before she lost the ability to speak. In one of her last journal entries, Victoria wrote, "Our lives are meant to be happy. If this is the only life we have I want it to be a good one and I am going to live it to the full extent of my life."




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