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First Place
Lacy Atkins
San Francisco Chronicle

"100 Black Men Community Charter School"

Second Place
Linda Davidson
The Washington Post

"Adrift After Newtown"

Third Place
Craig F. Walker
The Denver Post

"Cecil and Carl, in Sickness and Health"

Award of Excellence
Barbara Davidson
Los Angeles Times

"A Healing Bond"

Award of Excellence
Sebastian Castañeda Vita
El Comercio

"Refuge of the Soul"

Second Place
Linda Davidson
The Washington Post

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"Adrift after newtown"

Mark Barden comforts his wife Jackie  while reading condolence emails at home in Newtown, CT on May 23, 2013.  Daniel Barden, their son, was among the school children killed in Newtown last December.   Sympathy cards and memorial gifts from around the world still trickle in.  The community continues bring  meals and casseroles to the home. Time passes ever so slow.  The Bardens, their two children Natalie, 11 and James, 13 are all in therapy.  Though the children have returned to school  the parents have yet to return to work.   Seems everything from yogurt to paint color reminds them of Daniel.   Days are full of long stares, a few tears and occasionally lobbying for unpopular gun law reform.




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