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First Place
Lacy Atkins
San Francisco Chronicle

"100 Black Men Community Charter School"

Second Place
Linda Davidson
The Washington Post

"Adrift After Newtown"

Third Place
Craig F. Walker
The Denver Post

"Cecil and Carl, in Sickness and Health"

Award of Excellence
Barbara Davidson
Los Angeles Times

"A Healing Bond"

Award of Excellence
Sebastian Castañeda Vita
El Comercio

"Refuge of the Soul"

Second Place
Linda Davidson
The Washington Post

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"Adrift after newtown"

Mark Barden watches a video of his son, Daniel singing at an event a few months before his death in Newtown, CT on May 23, 2013.  Mark is a trained musician but has worked very little since the mass slaying.   He and his wife Jackie lobby on occasion for reforms to gun laws.  Much to their dismay, the proposed reforms failed in congress on the national level. For the Bardens, they pledged to do everything they could to keep their son's memory alive.  Days are spent replaying videos of Daniel,  pouring over his photographs and letters to Santa.




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