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First Place
Lacy Atkins
San Francisco Chronicle

"100 Black Men Community Charter School"

Second Place
Linda Davidson
The Washington Post

"Adrift After Newtown"

Third Place
Craig F. Walker
The Denver Post

"Cecil and Carl, in Sickness and Health"

Award of Excellence
Barbara Davidson
Los Angeles Times

"A Healing Bond"

Award of Excellence
Sebastian CastaƱeda Vita
El Comercio

"Refuge of the Soul"

Award of Excellence
Barbara Davidson
Los Angeles Times

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"A healing bond"

As the sisters waited for the skin graft to heal, the sisters discovered that Arefa's emotional wounds were as deep as her physical wounds. The little girl was still throwing tantrums, often directed at Jami. She described these outbursts to a psychologist. Arefa has post-traumatic stress, same as a shell-shocked soldier, the therapist said. As a junior high math teacher, Jami, 34, had the summer off. Staci, 37, worked as a lab technician and had to rely on Jami to take Arefa to most of the doctor's visits and comfort her during one of her tantrums. Arefa's relationship with Staci was less strained. She wasn't the one who had to set limits and say no.




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