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First Place
Daniel Berehulak
Freelance for The New York Times

"Afghanistan's Worsening Hunger Crisis"

Second Place
Paolo Marchetti

"OUTCASTS - The Stains of Kerala"

Third Place
Andres Kudacki
Associated Press

"Spain: A National Housing Crisis"

Award of Excellence
Luke Duggleby

"Thailand's Illegal Dog Meat trade"

Award of Excellence
Adam Lach
Napo Images


Award of Excellence
Mary Frances Calvert
ZUMA Press

"The Battle Within: Examining Rape in America’s Military"

Award of Excellence

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Wroclaw 06.07.2013 Poland
A Roma boy flexes his muscles.
Family of Sixty Romanian Romas, living in slums in Wroclaw (south-western Poland). They live in conditions similar to those in animal shelters. Without running water, heating, with a daily budget of about 1 Euro per person.




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