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First Place
Lisa Krantz
San Antonio Express-News

"Twice Betrayed: Military Sexual Trauma"

Second Place
Magnus Wennman


Third Place
Mads Nissen
Berlingske/ Panos Pictures

"Homophobia in Russia"

Award of Excellence
RJ Sangosti
The Denver Post

"Low Times on the High Plains"

Award of Excellence
Marvin Joseph
The Washington Post

"Dance With My Father"

Third Place
Mads Nissen
Berlingske/ Panos Pictures

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One of the few hetrosexual LGBT-activists Daniil Grachev is being arrested after he was involved in fights with anti-gay protestors during a Gay Pride Rally. About 250 ultra-nationalists gathered to shout abuse at people taking part in the rally and later some of these protestors violently assaulted some of the participants.

The Gay Pride Rally was later declared illegal under the law banning 'gay propaganda' and all the LGBT-activists who participated were arrested and presented to court.



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