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First Place
Tyler Hicks
The New York Times

"Massacre at a Kenyan Mall"

Second Place
James Oatway
The Sunday Times
(South Africa)
"DRC: Three Antenna Hill"

Third Place
John Tlumacki
The Boston Globe

"The Boston Marathon Bombings"

Award of Excellence
Justin Merriman

"Egypt: An Ongoing Revolution"

Award of Excellence
Peter Hove Olesen

"Typhoon Haiyan"

Award of Excellence
Justin Merriman

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"Egypt: an ongoing revolution"

A demonstrator runs with a teargas canister fired onto protesters in a clash with security forces near the Qasr el Nil bridge in Cairo on Monday, the second anniversary of the "Day of Rage."  Two years ago, the government of now-ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak used massive violence against protesters, who had taken the Qasr el-Nil bridge and Tahrir Square as day four of the 18 days of revolution began in earnest. It was on that day that scores of Egyptians were killed and injured in what was one of the most brutal days leading to the end of the Mubarak era.




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