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Third Place

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"The Percebeiros of the Coast of Death" Sisargas Islands, Coast of Death, Galicia, Spain. A "percebes" fisherman approaches the surf as he seraches for "percebes," known in english as gooseneck barnicles, growing on rocks along the infamous Coast of Death in Galicia, Northern Spain. Percebes fishermen are probably the world’s most at-risk seafood gatherers. Percebes grow only in extreme Atlantic surf and are most profitably harvested in the winter, when the supply is limited by the risks involved in harvesting. Fishermen have found percebes on the coasts of Vancouver Island, Washington State, (although authorities have now banned barnacle fishing in both places, for the most part) Chile, Thailand, Portugall, Morocco and elsewhere, but nowhere in the world is the supply more plentiful than the Costa da Morte -- the Coast of Death -- in Galicia.


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