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Second Place
G. Hernadgeza Magyar Hirlap

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The pool was built in 1908, and it was used by group of the patients and the care personel. It was shut down in the late 80s, because of the Institute's lack of money to refurbish. Tivadar(76) has worked here for more than 40 years as a driver and catering distributor. For today he is the only person who can come in to this closed area. (He says, he thinks back with nostalgia to the times when the bath was still in use.) He looks after the small park around the pool for which he does not get any payment. At summertime he comes up here every day, dries fruits and put them into jars making strange mixed food from them. He keeps the jars in the hovels surrounding the pool. After lunch and the washing up of the jars the final part of his daily ritual is to take a bath before going home. 2007/05


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