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Second Place
G. Hernadgeza Magyar Hirlap

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Istvan(53) was born here on Leopoldfield and since he has been living here in one of the old warehouses next to the lavatory. His mother worked as a nurse at the children's psychiatry. Istvan has done many things in his life, he mainly had odd jobs, for a while he was an extra in films, in his twenties he learned political science and economics, and was a regular visitor of the Library in NIPN. For a few years now he has not been working anything, he is trying to survive on his disability benefit. Since the death of his mother he drinks more and more alcohol and lately started to use drugs with his friend Dani. He deals a lot with numerology and religions, and he is also very keen on studying psychiatric diseases. Although he has never been partaken in longer term hospital treatment, practically he has been getting some kind of psychiatric treatment constantly from his teenage years. He had severe depression and got Electroconvulsive Therapy five times. In recent years he gets casual medical treatment. 2007/05


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