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Second Place
G. Hernadgeza Magyar Hirlap

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In January 2007 the Treasury Property Directorate (KVI) published a list of properties to sell on behalf of the government. It contained only a part of the NIPN, a smaller Villa located on a separate lot. Yet for more than a year there is an altering ban on the estate so the main building will be unaltered even if the lot is sold, but unlike the main building which is a national monument the many warehouses and living quarters originally built for the doctors and essential staff are not listed buildings, so when the estate gets sold, these properties will get demolished first. Angi Jolan(80) worked as a matron, and has lived with his husband in this house who was a medical researcher. Since his death Jolan is less and less able to care about the house and the garden, so Janos(57) helps her who worked as personnel in the largest artistic therapy workshop here, which is run by charities and has also had to move. Jolan has no idea where to move to and she is complaining a lot, suspecting acquisition of land by the government, because she got an eviction letter in january, and only months later with her son-in-law's intervention did she receive the letter of correction admitting that it is the duty of the Treasury Property Dictorate to provide home for th evicted people. 2007/04


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